Who is A.L. Castonguay?

I’m a historian, humanist, and digital native exploring the world one small step at a time and trying to make sense of it all.

Along the way, I was educated at Hampshire College in Amherst MA, the Universidad de Sevilla in Spain, and the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.  After working in the world of mobile health for Zeo , I returned to pursue my academic interests at the University of Notre Dame.  Each of these places offered a rich and different perspective on the many cultures and peoples in our world and how, despite our differences, we’re asking similar questions and searching for answers.

As a historian, my interests span numerous disciplines and cultures, such as  medieval Europe, Spain and the Iberian Peninsula, the Mediterranean, Islam, Arabic cultures and societies, Women’s studies, Intellectual History, and Book History and Culture.   I subscribe to a mix of a post-modern and longue durée theories, meaning that I believe in the relevancy of an experience to a particular individual, society, culture, and place, as well the ways in which “bottom” or “unofficial” histories can co-exist independently of “top” or “official” historical narratives.  This allows me to examine our actions and deeds in new ways, pulling out the threads that connect actions and reactions in order to see our world in a much bigger and richer way than a traditional narrative.

I’m also interested in the idea of “deep history“, which asks us to not only see human history as an unbroken chain of events –with no rupture between “pre-history” and “history– but also look outside the realms of written, physical documents to new developments in anthropology, archeology, biology, and neural anatomy that shine light on our sense of self and sense of the past.

Lastly, I’m fascinated by the ways in which we communicate with others.  As a child of the digital revolution, I not only experienced the wonder, power, and promise of the Internet but later, as both a historian and as a blogger & digital communications educator, saw first-hand how we humans have adapted earlier techniques to new platforms.

Our world is a big, messy, noisy, and incredibly fascinating place, and I want to explore and share its amazing stories with others.  Won’t you join me on this adventure?
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